OZCO Launches New WEB TV Installation Series and Nationwide Distribution Plans

OZCO Launches New WEB TV Installation Series and Nationwide Distribution Plans

Richardson, TX – December 27, 2013 – OZCO Building Products of Richardson, Texas, a manufacturer of innovative building products servicing the fence, deck, pergola, lumber and outdoor living industry, made three announcements today: it announced the launch of a new web TV series for contractors and DIYers called Building Breakthroughs, available at www.BuildingBreakthroughs.com; the addition of Gary W. Smith as Director of Sales and its pursuit of new distributors and dealer partners as it rolls out a new National Distribution model.

The show is comprised of eleven installment video tutorials produced in an entertaining home improvement TV show format co-hosted by OZCO’s contractor couple, Matt and Lisa. “The OZCO mission is saving time and avoiding hassles with innovative hardware, tools and products that eliminate steps in the construction process and provide exceptional strength and beautiful aesthetics. The addition of our Building Breakthroughs web tutorials ensures our customers have the installation information they need to always succeed,” said OZCO General Manager Ian Hill.

Each of the eleven episodes features backyard settings where the fences, decks, pergola and railing are built using OZCO’s products. “Showing the finished projects our products enable makes for high interest backdrops for our step-by-step installation tutorials,” said Hill. “Plus it gives our contractors something real and beautiful to show their customers and prospects, and it allows DIYers who might buy our products at retail lumberyards to visualize the dramatic outcome of the backyard feature they are considering adding.”

The series covers OZCO’s OWT-branded Post Base Kits, Post to Beam Kits, Rafter Clips, Truss Ties & Accents, Timber Bolts, Timber Screws, Oz-Deck, OZ Post, for both Wood and Steel, OZCO’s Fence Brackets, and its Lumber Shield line of stains.

In addition to launching the new web TV series, The Fortress Company also announced the move of one of its senior executives from Fortress Fence Products to OZCO. Gary W. Smith, formerly General Manager of Fortress Fence Products, is now the Director of Sales for OZCO Building Products. ” One of our top executives in The Fortress Company lineup moving to one of our hottest growth opportunities underscores the importance of OZCO’s enormous growth potential,” said Matt Sherstad, President of The Fortress Company. “We are also actively pursuing a national distribution network of new dealers and distributors for OZCO,” said Sherstad.

“We are excited to have Gary lead our sales team and for the potential growth ahead as Gary builds our sales and distribution network with his extensive sales experience,” says Ian Hill, General Manager of OZCO Building Products. “We’re moving from being a start up with highly innovative building products to building nationwide distribution with a set of strong external multi-unit retail partners and newly strengthened internal operations, sales and supply chain logistics,” said Hill.

OZCO is one of three strategic business units of The Fortress Company, a Richardson, Texas-based building products company with over 40 years of background designing and marketing innovative building solutions.

About OZCO Building Products

OZCO Building Products (www.OZCObp.com), is a manufacturer of innovative building products for fences, decks, pergolas, lumber and other building projects. In order to expand and better serve the diverse needs of DIY’ers and Building Professionals, what was originally known as Oz Post International, has grown from a product line of post support products and accessories to a family of product lines, now known as OZCO Building Products. OZCO consists of the new and exciting OWT Ornamental Wood Ties product line, Oz Post and Oz Deck, and LumberShield Oil Based Stain. For the 2014 season, OZCO Building Products is moving to National Distribution and seeking new distributor and dealer partners.